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It seems that those times when girls were starving themselves to lose weight, eating a crisp and a can of Coke per day have now passed. However, there are still people out there who honestly believe in counting calories and losing Weight as opposed to reducing Body Fat. Despite how much I have to say about this (and I obviously will in the next article, can’t help myself, sorry), this one will be about what I believe in, what I believe is a secret to being a ‘skinny foodie’ with good health and smiling eyes.
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Being a foodie and a “Pear” body type was a constant fight for keeping my taste buds satisfied and keeping those hips in adequate shape. Even though I was doing pro dancing, it was not an easy thing to do. Until finally, after reading tonnes of sources and getting into nutrition, I found for myself that the only way to be a healthy woman with a good body and not be hungry – is the right allocation of foods you eat, as well as plain common sense and realisation of what you eat.

There are millions of articles written on this already. Some say eat good carbs and proteins only. Some say just eat protein. Some say raw veg. There are as many opinions out there as there are people. My perfect balance is a mix of all: Carbs for breakfast (usually with a reasonable amount of proteins), protein and fibre for lunch and as pure as possible protein dinner. We will go into more detail about ‘Complex-Made-Easy,’ in the next article, as this one is aimed to give an overview of what I consider an easy way to maintain your body in its good shape or losing fat, depending on your target.

IMG_9615Losing fat is a time-consuming process. To lose fat you have to eat. You have to eat lots and lots and lots, even when you feel sick already! Ah, the only little detail – you have to eat proteins! Yes, chicken, Lean beef, Mushrooms, Low-Fat Cottage Cheese (Quick spoiler: the Best one is any low-fat ‘Tworog’ you can find in any eastern European shop – any Polsky Sklep in England) etc. The problem is, you usually feel sick and rather wouldn’t eat at all then eat pure proteins. Therefore, I am also aiming to share mine and other people’s experiences how to make it both diet-friendly and taste-buds-satisfying at the same time. And, this is exactly how we’ll build the Recipes section on making meals tasty and interesting so you don’t notice how you gain that perfect body. Please don’t forget the gym. The perfect butt will not build itself!

unnamed (9)My Recipe section will have Breakfasts made up of mostly good carbs to give you energy for the day, with some amount of proteins; Lunch is a variety of light and tasty sides to add to your protein-main as well as whole dish recipes. Dinners range from almost pure protein (As it should be) to light dinner options if you feel like you need a break. And, don’t forget about snacks and diet-friendly, tasty desserts. My Cheat-Meal section is …cheat meals – tasty, not greasy, totally-worth-it dishes I want to share!

In our next articles, we will talk about what to actually start with, how to plan your meals, spending less time preparing them, feeling pleased with what you eat, while getting into your best shape ever and how to maintain it.

However, before that let me tell you the ‘hardest’ bits of the diet. The only few things you have to worry about while getting your dream body are:

1. Water!!! – You know it, you have read it everywhere, it’s important, yes, now just drink it please as much as you can. Clean tasty water. Without it, it’s a fail from the start. Seriously.

2. Be excited about it! – No matter if you look like a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ model by nature or are the size of a lorry, your last cheat meal turned into a cheat year, you have just had a baby or your parents were in fact very ‘caring’ and fed you with nuggets and fries so you have never known any different – YOU are just about to become better! Both in your physical appearance and most importantly – your mental state and health. And trust me, it’s not hard at all. The only thing you require is to start: either in a day or with small steps, however, you want. Minor changes lead to major results.

3 Love yourself! – For millions of reasons, such as: people who love themselves are loved by others; they are fine spending some time cooking for themselves and they do not treat themselves like a rubbish bin in which you can put whatever, including a greasy factory-made ready meal or few liters of Vodka, no matter if you are on a diet or holiday or having your little cheat day…you just don’t… because you are cool… and that’s just gross.

This is it! It’s as simple as that.

unnamedFinally, an important part of this project is restaurants and food events reviews.

Those sections are unfortunately more time-consuming to build however you can expect honest and informative articles both on restaurants and events from a dieting-foodie perspective, and interesting innovations and news in the Food-world from an interested knowledge-seeking person’s perspective. After all, it is Not Just a Pretty Food!

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