Seasonal Food: September Choices

Eating Seasonal Foods has its undeniable advantages: nature already took care that you get all the Nutrition you need according to the season and, as you will see, September foods are full of vitamins necessary to prepare your immune system for the upcoming winter. You can also be sure that the vegetables and fruits you get according to the season have fewer pesticides as they are grown naturally in its natural environment and not ‘scientifically’ grown for your enjoyment when were not planned to be by Mother Nature.  Finally, they are cheaper!
Go to your local farmers market and see what’s new? Autumn has arrived with its beautiful colours and chilly nights but you can still sit in the garden enjoying last sun rays on your skin eating your lunch packed with seasonal ingredients. These are my September Choices! Do not miss the recipes with these products for the two weeks as aiming to be healthy and fit it should now be our target to eat as much of September foods as possible, and being foodies, let’s try some new dishes! So…
1. Marrow/Zucchini 
Marrow is a type of summer squash native to North America and Mexico, nowadays very common in eastern European food but also grown in the UK. It is low-calorie, full of vitamin A, dietary fibre (essential for those trying to get fitter!) and calcium. It helps to balance cholesterol levels and eliminates ‘bad’ cholesterol.
Zoodles, Steamed, baked, pureed – marrow and zucchini have hundreds of ways to be cooked. Try this Muffins for a change, something new and delicious.
2. Carrots
High in vitamin A and beta-carotene which are good for eyes, skin, antioxidants and overall boost of an immune system. And just in case you are planning a holiday – carrot freshly squeezed juice before the sunbathing will guarantee you your perfect tan.
Enjoy carrots fresh, grated and topped with honey and low-fat yoghurt or glazed and baked. Super-diet carrot cake and pancakes recipe is also coming soon! Subscribe not to miss.
3. Pears 
Lowers cholesterol level is rich in fibre and is a great energy booster. As well as it is naturally sweet and full of vitamins to satisfy your dessert cravings. Try this easy Pear Dessert or top your morning oats with pear and honey.
*picture borrowed online
4. Cauliflower 
Rich in Vitamin C, assists kidney and bladder disorders, good in pregnancy and  purifies the blood.
Bake it with cream and cheese for your cheat meal, steam or make a soup or veggie curry for warm dinner one of these chilly September evenings.
5. Tomatoes
September is great for its colourful sweet ripe tomatoes. Red, Pink, Yellow and even Black. Tomatoes will give you necessary vitamin C for upcoming winter, biotin, folate, vitamin E and potassium.
I absolutely love tomatoes and I they are absolutely delicious on their own. Simply get as many different types and colours as you can, chop in different shapes add some seasoning (also basil leaves and/or feta cheese or mozzarella) and enjoy their juicy sweetness.
6. Figs
This honey-sweet fruit is great source vitamin C, vitamin K, biotin, molybdenum. Also, figs are full of potassium, manganese, dietary fibre, vitamin A, B6, folate, niacin, vitamin E, and phosphorus.
My favourite recipe: Treat yourself, have some figs with a glass of good wine and cheese.
Enjoy September!