Skinny Chocolatier

0cacc344-a29c-4e68-9320-35a503111bd7No matter how good you stick to your diet and eating well and clean we all want and need to indulge ourselves with some nice piece of chocolate sometimes (a day). Depending whether your starting point on the way to healthier life was eating a brownie cake per day or a square of milk chocolate, you are smart enough to know that the aim is 75+% cocoa chocolate made with some good cocoa beans (from a fair trade producer). I personally find very dark chocolate not really satisfying, bitter and just Ew sometimes. I want more to it..lucky me, it is not a problem now to find dark chocolate with any fillings you may imagine: orange, salt, caramel, mint, chilli, fruits, nuts, preservatives…Preservatives come without saying in any of those bars because when producers add any filling to the chocolate, and I talk here about BEST chocolate (otherwise I would need a trilogy to write down all the bad-for-you additions they put along with bad cocoa) – they must add preservatives to keep chocolate alive for longer, as with those fillings cocoa’s usual long life shortens significantly.

Avoiding all the bad supermarket chocolate with unwanted things in it as well as bitter 75+% cocoa choco (just boring) I decided to make my own perfect chocolate: as thin as I want, as big/small as I want, with any filling that I want weather I feel like chilli flakes, pickles or anything else …And it came out AMAZING. Try this and share your delicious chocolate with others. It is crazy easy to make, as always.


1 Bar of best dark chocolate;

Fillings of your choice. I used: Sea salt, blueberries, rose petals, matcha, coconut flakes, goji.

  1. Use good quality dark chocolate! The darker the better! Put it in a glass or metal bowl which you then place on top of a pan with hot/boiling water. Melt the chocolate. You can also add natural vanilla powder now.8fb62ff7-c946-4611-a4e2-4807b92ec085
  2. Make bars or one big bar on a baking paper. I LOVE making it very thin like crisps, really recommend you to try it that way.
  3. Simply put the filling you want on top of your newly made bar.  Top with your favourite things. I decided to try whatever I had: coconut flakes, fresh blueberries, seas salt, matcha tea, rose petals, goji berries – and I cannot say which one of them was tastier. Use your imagination – dried peeled orange skin, chilli flakes, coffee, anise etc.a05175bc-ab5f-4961-b59d-0e7dde4104d9
  4. Place it all in a freezer. Thin crisps must be kept in a freezer all the time until you eat them, otherwise, they melt in no time.


Enjoy your personalised tasty and healthy choco!


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