Easy steps to feel alive again

  1. Breakfast. This is the basis for any diet as well as for being energetic during the day and sleeping properly. ALWAYS start your day with HEALTHY breakfast. Even if it is something quick like yoghurt with fruit, smoothie, perfectly – oats. This is Rule number 1 no matter what the goal is.

    Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset
    Porridge from Pollen+Grace (London)
  2. Iron boosts the red cells in your blood which carry oxygen around your body. Not enough iron – not enough red blood cells can also eventually lead to anaemia, notwithstanding your body just feels generally exhausted. Iron can be found in a great variety of foods: prunes, dried apricots, apples, dark leafy greens, nuts, eggs, lean red meat, egg yolks (remember the rule of 2/5), shellfish and canned fish. ironrichfood-1
  3. Fibre goes along with breakfast by importance in your diet, make sure you eat enough fibre as if insufficient – it can cause constipation and makes you feel sluggish and tired. Fibre foods are prunes, fruits, oats, seeds etc.fibrefood11
  4. Water -yes! sugar -no! This rule is not that easy to follow but make sure wherever you are you carry a water bottle with you and MAKE yourself drink it, fill the bottle as soon as it is finished and the very MINIMUM you should drink is 1,5 litres a day, so make sure you drink 3 of 0.5 bottles. I hope you DO know that water is pure water..not tea, not coca-cola (go back to ‘Nutrition for dummies’ if that one is still in your menu) and NOT hell Robinson etc…NO! (This advert is as sick as possible, have you seen it?)

    and less of your poison I suppose…
  5. Provided you are following these rules and in general are eating well you might still want to back it up with some supplements : potassium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B and magnesium (helps to truly relax while sleeping) will help you to maintain (or get back) good energy level!multi_vitamin-300x194
  6. Avoid fatty food. Fatty food, with all its ‘comfort’, makes your body feel exhausted and lazy (basically too much comfort), not only when you overeat, but you wake up already tired if you feed your body with unhealthy greasy food. too_much_food
  7. Smoking. If you are smoking – start with quitting. You know it is bad for you, you know why and you know that until you quit smoking it does not matter much if you eat organic broccoli or uranium with a cup of petrol. You will still feel crap in the morning.
  8. Sleep well. ‘ I have insomnia’ say people who cannot sleep…while are staring on Instagram while drinking espresso while texting on WhatsApp while having their Netflix playing in the background. If you are one of those – I can tell you are perfectly healthy (maybe just a few issues with logical thinking). Just leave that IPhone as far away from your bed as possible, switch off the lights and stare the darkness..(of your soul – can also work). And in a perfect world, you need to sleep 8 hours per day if you can – I really envy you. I have times when I can only have 3 hours, but as long as they are PROPER, it is better than 7 hours of troubled sleep. Also, the alarm in the morning is sooooo annoying, I love the app called ‘Sleep Time’, unlike those loud alarm melodies, it actually feels when to wake you up (obviously close to the time you set) and is very gentle. And unsurprisingly you wake up really easily with it!cc820be7-195d-4a88-bf26-42dd0648a706.jpg
  9. Exercise some ‘Mindfulness’. Well this one is a trend now and I couldn’t be happier about it (especially regarding that when I was growing up the trend was Kate Moss sniffing cocaine, smoking nervously and flared jeans …and I am not sure which of those is worse). I have recently discovered the app called ‘Headspace’ (no, they do not sponsor this, unfortunately) and I loved it. You can try it for free for 10 days and then it is about 7 pounds per month and I myself found it great in times of crazy stress and those 3 hours of sleep per day. I was doing 10-minute meditations with them before bed and it really helped me to ‘let it go’ and relax. ec841827-5ced-4ebc-8358-6e653d626889
  10. Exercise and walks. Exercise helps you sleep better and feel better. I know this is an odd advice to give in the article ‘why do I feel dead?’ but it is true. Follow good eating and water plan and start doing more exercise or at least just walks in fresh air as you do not need much energy for those. And you will see the difference straight away. Just start it.

And the last but the most important … it is hard to start something, to get back on track, to wake up and feel motivated. I know how it feels when you literally wake up early but then spend extra 30 minutes laying there, staring the wall and trying to remind yourself Why do you actually need to live this day. You might feel demotivated and rules above kind of make sense to you but oghhhh… Start with just one simple rule: wake up and no matter how you feel, do not even think about it, do not self-pity-talk ..just SMILE. Stupidly, for no reason. Smile and get up, put some cool music or comedy show while getting ready and start the day.




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