Sushiritto… Love-from-the-First-Sight-itto ❤

IMG_7071I absolutely adore sushi, the more the better. Therefore when I first saw a picture of sushiritto somewhere in social media all I could say with my charmed eyes and drooling was ‘Heaven…’. Like a kid looking on a huge birthday cake.

If you are not familiar with this recent food mash-up (well started 2013, so that is like a life ago in foodies’ world) – what you get is a sushi roll but in a size of the burrito. Some sushirittos actually have parts of both dishes in them – like salmon and jalapeño topped with veggies and some Mexican sauce and corn, for instance. I personally did not get that far yet and I simply appreciate the size and benefits of this jumbo sushi.

Firstly, it is very easy and reasonably quick to make.

Secondly, you will not mess it up by the absence of super-sharp knife like I do with usual sushi rolls (Seriously, is any knife ever good enough for making sushi rolls?).

Third, it is healthy. The only ‘not-great’ part of it is white sushi rice, however, if you look at it – there is not much rice comparing to a number of toppings at all, what also makes it better than sushi.

And finally, it is a great lunch to take with you to work or for a picnic this summer. Just get a sachet of soy sauce ready and enjoy.

So here you can find my sushiritto recipe, cooked, tried and very much enjoyed. You can also see some  inspiring pictures of sushi-burritos I found in social media. Don’t be afraid to experiment, that’s what food mash-ups are for.

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1 Nori sheetIMG_6997

1/3 cooked and cooled sushi rice

Wasabi (if you like it hot)Sliced:



Red Cabbage


Salmon (use freshest sashimi salmon sprinkled with lime juice and some soy sauce for best taste), on my pictures you can see smoked sliced salmon which worked great too.


  1. Place a nori sheet as you do for making rolls. Shiny side looks down, nori placed on the sushi mat . You will place ingredients parallel to the nori linesIMG_6998
  2. Put a thin layer of cooked rice on top leaving some space – about 1 cm on top of the sheet and 1 cm from both left and right side if you want a ‘closed’ rollIMG_6999
  3. Put the ingredients, be careful not to over-stuff otherwise you will not be able to roll itIMG_7001IMG_7002
  4. Using the mat- roll the roll… from down side to the top, so the top 1 cm of nori meets the ‘down’ side of the roll and seals them together. Use few drops of water to seal it properly IMG_7003
  5. Now, using few drops of water, you can seal the sides, both if you prefer to cut sushiritto in two halves or just one to leave it this big. IMG_7005
  6. Cut it into halves, wrap in some  paper and Enjoy!





Dessert that will change your life.

This protein dessert is so amazing, easy to make and delicious that the only issue with it is that I feel very guilty eating it when I am on strict low-carb…I just still cannot believe something can be this sinless and packed of protein and so tasty at the same time! I guess it will take some time to accept it..but for now, let me eat another one…

If you are on a low carb, bulking or just trying to eat well – the true secret to your amazing body is to eat this…Tiramisu.

Just see these :

The whole Base macros amounts to:

132g Proteins; 15g Fats; 58g Carbs (904 kcal if you need to know..though you don’t)

And Topping (if used 400g of quark and 1 scoop of protein):

16g Carbs; 59g Protein; (320 kcal)


Therefore, if you make 6 quite big tiramisus, Each of them will be:

204 Kcal; 12g Carb; 2.5g Fat and 32g of Protein 


N/B All calculations are approximate and based on the brands/ingredients I personally used. In any case, your cooked cake will not go far from these. I also must say that calculating macros I realised that most Carb&Fat and Kcal in the base come from coconut flour, thus I will try to replace it in the future with something even more sinless.Any ideas? 

e6109b48-5cf9-4db7-9229-0aedc342f941So here you go..You are welcome!


1 cup egg whites

1 cup low fat soft cottage cheese

1/2 cup whey protein powder

2 tbsp cocoa powder

6 tbsp coconut flour

1 tsp baking powder

1-3 drops of Rum flavour  (or of your choice)



Protein powder

Cocoa or Protein powder for dusting


  1. Preheat oven to 175C
  2. Mix well all the Base ingredients in a blender
  3. Pour base mixture into a cake pan and bake for 12-16 mins until ready
  4. Cool the cake down and cut into pieces; alternatively, you can just use a spoon to place base into cups. All depends on a plating you imagine for your Tiramisu
  5. Make a shot of espresso and add few teaspoons for each Tiramisu base to soak
  6. Mix the Topping: Depending on how you like it, find your proportion of Quark and Protein powder. I tried vanilla, white chocolate powder and even banana protein mousse powder – all worked well, so it is up to your imagination. Vanilla, of course, would be a classic Tiramisu.
  7. Top the Base(with coffee soaked) cake with the topping.
  8. Dust on top cocoa or even chocolate protein powder!

Leave in a fridge to settle and Enjoy!569e472a-34ac-48ab-b63f-94c20d5f88f2