Kale Crisps – Guilt-free snacking!

As a part-time human (the other part is a robot as you could guess) I have the sin to confess. I loooove working/watching something and eating at the same time. But eating not salad or even a cake, no, it has to be something small. Like a bag of nuts by the computer when I used to study for exams or popcorn in the cinema which I usually used to finish by the last pre-movie advert trailer. And the biggest problem is it is not like I particularly enjoy popcorn or nuts, it just has to be something to chew…non stop. I did control myself by buying a box of blueberries for the office at super-busy-stressful-killmenow times, but when I watch a movie I do want to chew something crispy too, you know, like those people who haven’t hear of cellulite!

And then I tried Kale Crisps…now the problem is gone. They are really delicious, super quick and easy to make and absolutely guilt-free. The only thing not ideal with kale crisps is if you put too much salt, but that is for you to control.Do not forget all those endless benefits of kale!


You now can buy Kale Crisps almost in any supermarket or healthy foods store. But I love making everything I can myself, and in addition, knowing how easy it is to make them, I am not too keen on buying 100grm bag for 3,5 GBP. Not with my appetite for sure. So…


IMG_3249Washed Hand-teared Kale leafs (surprise lol)

Salt, Seasoning of your choice (mine is usually: garlic powder/pepper/chilly flakes/bbq)

Olive Oil (depends on the amount of kale you want to turn into crisps, I suggest using Olive oil spray! It was made for crisps…no?)

1.Pre-Heat oven to 150C and line baking tray(s) with baking parchment

2. Washed, torn into pieces and dried leafs place into the baking tray in one layerunnamed

3. Sprinkle all the leafs with olive oil, as suggested better use spray, and sprinkle the spices you have chosen. I suggest not to go over the top here, it is very easy to end up with salt-chili exposure in your mouth at the end. With your hands ‘massage’ the spices and oil into leafs to make sure each leaf is covered.


4. Bake for around 20 minutes. Check on your kale, when it is crispy and may be slightly getting golden – it is done. Let it cool, place in a bowl and Enjoy!



Simple Grow&Shine hair Oil 💁

The first recipe for the Cooking Beauty section and I couldn’t be more excited. I absolutely love natural cosmetics and even more I adore making it myself. Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive or super complicated and you will be shocked how some of your fridge’s citizens can do miracles on your face and body.

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Today we will take care of your hair. Recipes for the hair are never ending: various oils mixes, honey, creams and even fruits can be used. This one is for your hair’s growth, strength and healthy shine! The components speak for themselves:

Coconut oil gets deep into hair follicles and stimulates hair growth . It also fights against scalp problems like insect bites, lice and dandruff. It makes hair shiny and soft. Finally, it prevents hair breakage and split ends, leading to your hair growing longer.

Avocado oil moisturises dry and damaged hair. It’s lightweight formula easily absorbs into the scalp and hair and has exciting amounts of nutrients such as A,B,D,E, also lots of proteins, folic acid, magnesium, iron, amino acids and much more. It is goo inside and outside. It works perfectly for heat damaged hair, weather from summer sun or hairdryer. It strengthens hair root preventing hair loss, thus your hair is longer and healthier.

Essential Lavander Oil – just a few drops will do miracles for your hair growth. And as a bonus, it smells amazing.

Essential Bay Leaf oil – This one is not commonly known and OMG it is such a must-have! It deserves a separate article which will definitely follow soon. But for today, just remember that it helps itchy scalp, softens and makes your hair silky, and gives you new hair growth which will be visible after only a few uses.

So let’s do this…

Ingredients: unnamed

2 tbsp of warm Raw Organic Coconut Oil

1-2 tbsp of Avocado Oil

3-5 drops of essential Lavander Oil

10 drops of essential Bay Leaf Oil

*Remember the amounts can vary depending on your hair length and preferences. Do not add too much of essential oils but make sure they are not lost in coconut and avo either.

  1. Mix the ingredients and apply to your hair from root to the ends. Massage into the scalp for few minutes. Cover with a really warm towel (you may want to put on a plastic cap underneath). unnamed-1
  2. Leave it overnight or for about an hour. This is up to you but may be no point to do it and then apply for under an hour.
  3. Wash it off. Be patient and gentle! It may take 2-3 washes with your shampoo but make sure you do not rub your hair impatiently and end up damaging it instead.
  4. Dry as usual and see the instant result.


You will see your hair is much smoother and silkier. However, please remember that as well as diet and exercise – this needs consistency to achieve hair growth! It will not give you long hair over night, instead, do this at least once a week and you will see how quickly your hair replies. Share your thoughts on this recipe with me in comments or in insta at @julie.juliet 

Be beautiful inside and out and see new recipes coming soon xxx




It is Getting Personal!

24 August 2015 I have launched Skinny-Cook which was meant to be a distraction from the daily stress of my office/classroom work. ‘I will build a website quickly now and then I’ll just share with millions of people secrets of being lean and healthy’. How little did I know, right?

Today Skinny-Cook is 1-year-old and as any 1-year-old, we have learned so much this year! Proud to say, it has finally found its character, it now knows what it wants to become, and it is now fully standing on its feet ready to run to it!

Thank You!

We are still in the phase when I do personally daily read all the emails received and I do notice all the new subscribers and each new joiner makes me happy. I am happily spending hours reading and responding as I appreciate you opinions and your interest and this is what kept Skinny-Cook going when I, as well as each of you, came home tired from daily work willing to crash on the sofa instead during the past year. And though SK first year was somewhat messy, with no strict schedule and sometimes me getting out of radar, I want to say Thank you for all your support. And I am proud of every person who have changed their life with Skinny-Cook or is now on the way to it. Lots of love to each of you.image

New Beginnings 

Learned from the mistakes, Skinny-Cook is about to hit it’s upcoming year with new beginnings. The very basic, articles will now come out precisely twice a week – one for the weekend and one mid-week. Recipes will be added separately. Also, starting Skinny-Cook it was planned as a cold-hearted website with purely useful information. I knew I was allergic to blogs, seeing them as some useless platform for sharing your daily life with people who are for some reason interested. My mistake. 12 month later I know now that you just cannot stay detached and though I still have zero intention to give here a detailed description of my weekend or personal dramas, I am definitely planning to write away my heart and not the just brain.

There are lots of plans for the upcoming year… crazy, huge, somewhat naive plans. In about a month I will finally share with you a new project, which is super exciting and probably what this year was leading Skinny-Cook to! I am super excited and I should also mention that the new launch will include some giveaways , so Subscribe not to miss 😉

In addition, this weekend I am starting the Beauty section where you can get really cool (tried-improved/developed by me) Inside&Out beauty recipes! Do not miss this. At the end of the day, being healthy and looking fabulous is what we all are here for.

It is Getting Personal 

Skinny-Cook is Getting Personal. I am coming out of the shade and we will spend SK Year 2 together, through ups and downs in good and in bad. I am inviting you to join me on this journey and watch how you reach your goals with us step by step.

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Blow the candle with me, make a wish and say Hello to  Year 2! Let’s nail it!



Basic Protein Cake ❤

Nothing is better on a diet than a nice cake. unnamed

Especially when it is guilt-free. And even better than better if it actually HELPS you to get lean and take 2 minutes (I mean it) to prep.

Are you excited? This basic Protein Cake recipe will leave you satisfied. Use your favourite flavour of protein, add two more ingredients and be happy.

Also, I am very much against cooking in or using a microwave at all, but this is probably the only recipe I do that way. Still working on bringing this to the oven.

I highly recommend adding some NiceCream to this Protein Cake. Experiment!


Let’s Make it…

1 scoop of Protein Powder   unnamed-3unnamed-5

1/2 tsp Baking powder

1 medium egg

2 tsp milk (if too thick)



1.Mix All the ingredients in a bowl.

2. Microwave for 1 minute.

3. Add Topping and Enjoy!




I loved it with quark and cinnamon (using Cinnamon Swirl Protein Powder) …



I loved it as a Donut with Quark and some fudge…


I loved it with Strawberry NiceCream (used White Chocolate Protein Powder)…



And in any other way. Share yours!  #SKProteinCake  



Chocolate Pierogi with Philadelphia Strawberry

unnamed-4Pierogi – Eastern European dumplings, is a dish which has been with me since I was a little girl. I would come to my grandma’s village house in summer, run all around the whole day in that nature breathing fresh air and getting quite an appetite. Then you get back to her garden and here she is, with her freshly made vareniki (Ukrainian name for ‘pierogi’), super juicy and literally the size of my head! You bite into the first one, it explodes from juiciness and covers your face and probably few people around with strawberry juice. And it is warm and so sweet, just like these memories…

And then you grow up. And you learn what carbs, fats and cellulite are. But still, from time to time I would make small pierogi, filling them with sour fillings, like potato and bacon, cabbage or even pâté! Or sweet ones – filling with berries or sweet cottage cheese.

This version is my little creation inspired by my love of chocolate and Philadephia cheese! While creating this I was sad to learn that chocolate Philadelphia can no longer be bought in the UK, but oh well, this still turned up delicious and absolutely worth it. And for all those people saying it’s ‘too much hassle’, or well, it is certainly not a cheap takeaway kind of food. This is for those who want to cook something delicious and treat their family. Enjoy!


250 ml kefir (buttermilk)

3 – 3.5 cups of flour

3 tbsp cocoa (mix in water to prepare)

1/3 tsp salt and soda

sugar to taste

1 tbsp oil



Philadelphia Soft Cheese (pick your favourite – Lighters, Light or Full Fat)

Icing Sugar to taste

  1. Mix all the ingredients for the dough in a bowl,Kefir has to bee room temperature! Add flour in small portions to see how much you actually will need.  Start preparing the dough with your hands on the table sprinkled with flour. You want it firm but soft. Keep adding flour until the dough can be formed into a ball. Leave it aside! unnamed
  2. While the dough is resting, prepare the filling. cut the strawberries and mix Philadelphia with some icing sugar to taste and some vanilla extract.
  3. Roll out the dough  and make circles, you can use a glass for that.unnamed-1
  4. Form a circle from each dough piece, place some Philadelphia filling and a piece of strawberry. Close your dumpling! if it doesn’t stick well, sprinkle the edges with a bit of water. Also, make sure your hands are covered with flour as you don’t want sticky hands. Make sure you leave no gaps when closing the dumplings or all the filling will come out!unnamed-2
  5. When all the dumplings are prepared – use a steamer to cook them. You can make a steamer yourself like I did – cover saucepan (with water inside) with gauze. Steaming should take 5 minutes! Alternatively, boil them.

Top your beautiful pierogi with Philadelphia filling you have left, strawberries and/or make a strawberry ‘soup’ – simply add few tablespoons of water to the strawberries, some sugar to taste and heat it in saucepan mashing them with blender or fork.