It is Getting Personal!

24 August 2015 I have launched Skinny-Cook which was meant to be a distraction¬†from the daily¬†stress of my office/classroom work. ‘I will build a website quickly now and then I’ll just share with millions of people secrets of being lean and healthy’. How little¬†did I know, right?

Today Skinny-Cook is 1-year-old and as any 1-year-old, we have learned so much this year! Proud to say, it has finally found its character, it now knows what it wants to become, and it is now fully standing on its feet ready to run to it!

Thank You!

We are still in the phase when I do personally daily read all the emails received and I do notice all the new subscribers and each new joiner makes me happy. I am happily spending hours reading and responding as I appreciate you opinions and your interest and this is what kept Skinny-Cook going when I, as well as each of you, came home tired from daily work willing to crash on the sofa instead during the past year. And though SK first year was somewhat messy, with no strict schedule and sometimes me getting out of radar, I want to say Thank you for all your support. And I am proud of every person who have changed their life with Skinny-Cook or is now on the way to it. Lots of love to each of you.image

New Beginnings 

Learned from the mistakes, Skinny-Cook is about to hit it’s upcoming year with new beginnings. The very basic, articles will now come out precisely twice a week – one for the weekend and one mid-week. Recipes will be added separately. Also, starting Skinny-Cook it was planned as a cold-hearted website with purely useful information. I knew I was allergic to blogs, seeing them as some useless platform for sharing your daily life with people who are for some reason interested. My mistake. 12 month later I know now that you just cannot stay detached and though I still have zero intention to give here a detailed description of my weekend or personal dramas, I am definitely¬†planning to write away my heart and not the just brain.

There are lots of plans for the upcoming year… crazy, huge, somewhat naive plans. In about a month I will finally share with you a new project, which is super exciting and probably what this year was leading Skinny-Cook to! I am super excited and I should also mention that the new launch will include some giveaways , so Subscribe not to miss ūüėČ

In addition, this weekend I am starting the Beauty section where you can get really cool (tried-improved/developed by me) Inside&Out beauty recipes! Do not miss this. At the end of the day, being healthy and looking fabulous is what we all are here for.

It is Getting Personal 

Skinny-Cook is Getting Personal. I am coming out of the shade and we will spend SK Year 2 together, through ups and downs in good and in bad. I am inviting you to join me on this journey and watch how you reach your goals with us step by step.

Do not forget that you can get in touch if you want personal nutritionist support with personalised meal plans which will fit your taste and your busy life. Email:

(the ‘before and after’ page is also coming by the way ūüôā )

Also follow me on Instagram @julie.juliet 

And finally, do not forget to subscribe (top right column). And now…

Blow the candle with me, make a wish and say Hello to ¬†Year 2! Let’s nail it!




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