Kale Crisps – Guilt-free snacking!

As a part-time human (the other part is a robot as you could guess) I have the sin to confess. I looooveĀ working/watching something and eating at the same time. But eating not salad or even a cake, no, it has to be something small. Like a bag of nuts by the computer when I used to study for exams or popcorn in the cinemaĀ which I usually used to finish by the last pre-movie advert trailer. And the biggest problem is it is not like I particularlyĀ enjoy popcorn or nuts, it just has to be something to chew…non stop. I did control myself by buying a box of blueberries for the office at super-busy-stressful-killmenowĀ times, but when I watch a movie I do want to chew something crispy too, you know, like those people who haven’t hear of cellulite!

And then I tried Kale Crisps…now the problem is gone. They are really delicious, super quick and easy to make and absolutely guilt-free. The only thing not ideal with kale crisps is if you put too much salt, but that is for you to control.Do not forget all those endless benefits of kale!


You now can buy Kale Crisps almost in any supermarket or healthy foods store. But I love making everything I can myself, and in addition, knowing how easy it is to make them, I am not too keen on buying 100grm bag for 3,5 GBP. Not with my appetite for sure. So…


IMG_3249Washed Hand-teared Kale leafs (surprise lol)

Salt, Seasoning of your choice (mine is usually: garlic powder/pepper/chilly flakes/bbq)

Olive Oil (depends on the amount of kale you want to turn into crisps, I suggest using Olive oil spray! It was made for crisps…no?)

1.Pre-Heat oven to 150C and line baking tray(s) with baking parchment

2. Washed, torn into pieces and dried leafs place into the baking tray in one layerunnamed

3. Sprinkle all the leafs with olive oil, as suggested better use spray, and sprinkle the spices you have chosen. I suggest not to go over the top here, it is very easy to end up with salt-chili exposureĀ in your mouth at the end. With your hands ‘massage’ the spices and oil into leafs to make sure each leaf is covered.


4. Bake for around 20 minutes. Check on your kale, when it is crispy and may be slightly getting golden – it is done. Let it cool, place in a bowl and Enjoy!




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