Dessert Sunday: Tarte aux Pommes 🍎

I am finally back from 15 days holiday. Yes, finally… I am a brutal workaholic thus by the third day, if there is no possibility to use wifi and work on a laptop by the pool, I am literally going crazy. Therefore I came back fool of unused energy, few extra kg’s to work on in the gym and unlimited inspiration.

unnamed-3Furthermore, I was trying to find a solution to the most basic question, the struggle of my life, called ‘Diet vs Desserts’. Simply speaking, I am too much into diet/ nutrition/ fitness but I also love making desserts too much. After quite a bit of thinking…I told myself ‘Oh,well…’ and decided not to stop myself anymore. Therefore, I am starting to make desserts every weekend or more often and feed my beloved people…making them fat and happy 🙂

I must say my ‘beloved ones’ do not mind, as this amazing Tarte aux Pommes was eaten within …10 minutes after I finished it! Fair enough, it was absolutely delicious, and I promise, really easy to make! Even though I did make shortcrust pastry myself (and not ready-to-roll one) and I recommend you do the same.


200 grammes all-purpose flour

100 grammes unsalted butter (pre-cut in squares, very cold from the fridge)

pinch of salt

1 tablespoon of sugar


1 egg yolk


3 tbsp of apricot or any other jam (I used raspberry)

2-3 big apples (or more, depending on their size)

1 tablespoon of sugar


  1. Place flour and butter in a blender, pulse few times until butter is fully incorporated into flour and you can feel tiny pieces of cold butter with your fingers. By the way, you may want to use hands to mix batter for the pastry, however, I urge you to use a blender as it will prevent butter melting from warm hands.
  2. Add a pinch of salt and sugar to the mix.
  3. Mix in a bowl yolk and a tablespoon of water. Add half of it to the blender and mix. Add the other half and mix again. Now, you should try the batter and see if you can make a little ball with your hand of it. If you can, place mixture on your surface and start mixing with hands. Add a tiny amount of water and keep mixing,add again and keep mixing – until you can actually shape your pastry into a ball.
  4. Place pastry ball into wrap film, wrap it and leave in a fridge for 30-60 minutes.


5. Now wash and peel apples, cut each apple into halves and remove the ‘heart. Cut each half from ‘top’ to the bottom into thin slices

6. Pre-heat oven to 190 C. And take your pastry from the fridge.

7. Roll the pastry and place into the tart oven dish. I recommend using the one with a removable bottom if possible.

8. Put 2 tablespoons of jam on the bottom of your pastry and start placing apples. Move consistently in one direction, take you time and do to rush if you want your tart to look good.

9. When you finish, top it with a tablespoon of sugar and few little pieces of butter around your tart.


10. Bake for 30 minutes, remove from the oven and place 1 tablespoon of jam all over your apples to give it that golden crust (mine was pink and reminded a flower, as I have used raspberry jam).

11. Bake for another 5-10 minutes on 200C. Keep an eye on your Tarte but do not be scared if you have few black ‘burns’ like you can see on my tart – this was, in fact, sugar and not burned apple, and it was my favourite pieces of the tart -crispy and delicious!


Leave your tart to rest and Enjoy!


It is truly delicious with a cup of tea or coffee. xoxo




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