Breakfast to Get Up for: Protein Crêpes


unnamed-1Autumn is here and it is becoming more and more painful to get up in the morning. Soft warm duvet, quiet bedroom – why would anyone ever want to leave that? Oh well, here is some morning foodies’ motivation for you.

This Protein Crêpes is my latest obsession and after making them for 5 days in a row in the morning I thought that may be I should finally spread the joy – share their super easy recipe with you! If you tried my delicious  Pancakes  you now know what the real pleasure tastes like: pure deliciousness with a sprinkle of indulgence and 0% guilty feelings.

This Protein Crêpes are even easier to make, it will literally take you 5 minutes once you’ve tried them. I make them with cinnamon and maple syrup to remind myself that there actually are things to love autumn for and that very soon we will be enjoying eggnogs and malt wines from the Christmas market, and this time of yellow leaves and spicy pumpkins is so fleeting.

So let’s celebrate it then! 

unnamed-21 Organic Egg

1 tbsp of Cinnamon Roll flavour Protein Powder (feel free to use any other flavour you prefer)

1 tbsp Oats Flour ( I suggest this amazing oats flour as it is so light and easy to use, Great flour replacement) *See my code below to get a discount

1 tbsp of skimmed milk

1tsp coconut oil for greasing

Toppings : nuts, cinnamon, maple/agave syrup or honey


  1. Mix all the ingredients together with a fork or in a blender. Use blender if you are using simple oats instead of oats flour (use around 1,5 tbsp of oats) . Make sure you blend it well. The batter you get should be slightly runny, like for usual pancakes. You may want to add more or less milk to achieve that result.
  2. Pre-heat well and grease your pan with coconut oil
  3. Once you pan is well heated, take 1/3 of soup ladle of Crêpes batter and place it like usual crêpes. Cover pan with a lid to make sure your crêpes do not get burned on one side and raw on the other.
  4. Once your crêpes are cooked and golden from both sides, cover them with cinnamon and nuts, top with honey or syrup.



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