Why “Hungry Diets” are bad for you🍴

Today you again realised you want to lose those extra pounds, your belly shakes like a twerking girl’s butt and you haven’t exercised for like a lifetime. You look in the mirror and you decide to eat less..you eat less..and less..maybe a small pack of crisps when you feel like fainting, or you try that fasting diet you have heard about, or just eat one meal a day…probably just a dinner after work. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! Stop there, until it is too late.

Even though I honestly believed these ‘hungry diets’ were finally lost and forgotten somewhere in the 90s , more and more often I get questions or see people following the ‘I am hungry, but I am trying to lose weight approach’! Shocking. I will not go into dramatic details and tell you how hunger can influence your health.  Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days of complete starvation, but is that really the body you are aiming for? If yes, please leave now. And get help. 🙈


These are 6 simple reasons why hunger is not good for your body.


  1. ‘I fast to lose weight and detox’ . Remember that 2015 trend – fasting for detox ? Detox, or what is usually practised – simply cleanse is not a bad idea and deserves a separate article. But ‘cleanse’ is a very short term type of diet, and in no way should it be kept for weeks or treated as a weight-loss remedy. Most important, being on a healthy clean eating regime, you do not need detox at the first place, as you do not ‘fuel’ yourself with many toxins. On the other hand, using fasting or partial fasting (like eating once a day) – people tend to eat high-fat foods to ‘get the most’ out of that one allowed meal..basically, instead of eating healthy food and getting lean and fit, you starve your body and feed it with rubbish. As I said, I am definitely not against cleanse-diet days etc. until it becomes your usual daily diet. fasting-diet-320x240
  2. Miserable Days. Being hungry, or especially fasting, leads to lower metabolism and higher cortisol – and this is called Stress. And while stress may definitely make you skinny, it is not likely to make you any happier (especially if you are a foodie like me, no food is not just some stress..it is a mega-super-galactical-stress). So why would you make yourself unhappy to achieve something you can get in a completely opposite way? My first and most important rule when going back to the regime (no one is the saint, we all have breakdowns) or starting with a new client is to be excited, motivated and happy! Does it not make it easier to stick to something that makes you feel good? overweight-woman-eating-salad
  3. Workout. Feeling hungry is unlikely to help you to keep motivation for good productive workouts. Even though I personally love having my first workout before breakfast, feeling so light, actual hunger gives you only one desire – to lay down and move less. Do not forget as well that hunger leads to headaches and even excessive drinking of water will not help for long. Lack of exercises leads to my next point…tumblr_myvxbkammj1shs1pdo1_500
  4. Body Quality. Losing weight while fasting or eating not enough nutritious food is invariable. This is not even a question. However, the issue is WHAT weight are you losing? And here is the answer : you lose water, some of those ‘leftovers’ in your stomach and intestine, and most of all – muscles!  All this will leave you definitely lighter, but in no way fitter, healthier or prettier. No one likes jellyfish belly or butt, weak unfit body with stretch marks. 20140526152006-79175
  5. Counting calories. Something I stopped doing after high school. Absolutely unnecessary and out-of-date trend. And here is why:

You only need to count calories when you base your diet on foods like this : 🍨 🍦 🍰 🎂 🍮 🍬 🍭 🍫🍗 🍖 🍤 🍳 🍔 🍟🍕🍝 for one simple reason – you need at least SOME control, and counting carbs/fats/proteins may be too much for a person who believes that eating Cheeseburger is ok as long as it fits in your  daily calories intake. 

Eating foods like this  🍏 🍎 🍐 🍊 🍋 🍌 🍉 🍇 🍓 🍈 🍒 🍑 🍍 🍅 🍆 – plants and lean proteins, you can not go wrong. Firstly, because it would be very hard to overeat, One burger has as much calories as a meal with whole chicken breast, grains, veggies and healthy dessert. Guess after which one you will become starving quicker and after which will you feel energised?

6. ‘Afterlife’. Finally, last but not least, what I call ‘afterlife’. This is also one of the most important parts of weight loss – to make sure that it lasts and even if the pre-written meal plan is finished, you are left with healthy and lean body and a bunch of new habits that will ensure you stay lean for life! After feeling hungry and starving yourself to skinny, you are most likely to be left with unsatisfied taste buds and stressed out nerves. It is a question of time until you stuff your face with food like never before and the weight you’ve lost ( which, as you may remember, was water/muscle/tiny bit of fat) will be doubled back AND this time will consist of pure fat instead of whatever it was you’ve lost before.   article-2679007-1f5a573a00000578-276_634x516

Do you still think that starving yourself or just ‘eating rarely’ is a remedy? Hope not. These 6 points are out of 1000.

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