Accidental Crab & Whisky Bisque

unnamedIf there would be some food-recycling¬†programme, I would lead that one. Being from overseas I just cannot get used to this kind of trend – throwing away food, whether you just couldn’t finish it all at once or you can’t be bothered cooking it today or any other unreasonable reason. We, in Eastern Europe, brought up by our grannies who went through war and hunger in their young age, just can’t allow ourselves such a waste.

Thus, when after one night’s dinner party with crabs&champagne I saw lots of shells and few little ones left, my brain got excited! Crab Bisque!!!

In the bottom of my memory, I found an image of some famous chef from some famous tv programme, talking about bisque and making its broth out of shells, as this makes it rich and much more delicious. After all, I also believe that any posh modern french dish was once an accidental creation of some not rich but very creative people. Like, sailors. And real bisque would be made definitely not of lobster tails. So here we are. Amazing, healthy, delicious and simple bisque.

I must add a well that I did not have many ingredients, such as saffron or fennel bulb, and never do I use double cream when it is not absolutely necessary. So I guess my version is as budget as it can be.


Crab Shells (use everything), crashed

1 tbsp lemon juice

yellow onion

1-2 garlic cloves

fennel bulb or fennel seeds (1/2 tbsp)


olive oil

1 shot of whisky (can be replaced with brandy or cognac)

  1. Cover crab shells with water and bring to boil. Leave them ‘cooking’ for 10-20 minutes.unnamed-1
  2. As the same time pre-heat olive oil in a saucepan. Add chopped garlic and sliced onion. Simmer until golden. Add fennel, lemon juice. Simmer. Add the shot of whisky. Leave it on a low heat.
  3. When you see your broth is already quite rich and has funny colour, leave it to cool down a bit and place all in a food processor. unnamed-5
  4. And here is the ‘fun’ part. Crash all the bones,crabs and shells with broth in a food processor. Then crash again. And again. Crash.Crash.Crash! The better it is crashed the richer the bisque. Once you are done, take sieve and silicone spatula and pouring shells& broth¬†through a sieve and pushing it all with a spatula, we will separate all the unwanted crunchy shells from our super-rich¬†broth.
  5. Once you try and make sure your broth is separated well and has no unwanted bits in it, add it to your other ingredients in a saucepan and heat it all through.
  6. Season with salt, paprika. Add more whisky if it became ‘lost’ in your broth.


Serve with some croutons or, as me, toasted rye bread. Some paprika and a piece of crab make it look even more special. Enjoy! unnamed-3


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