Basic Makeup Brushes for every woman

Here are 8 Basic Makeup Brushes every woman should have. The world of makeup is more complicated than it seems, something I’ve learned through own mistakes, so here is a simple guide for any girl who wants some change.  

Every girl wants to look pretty. We see those amazing Instagram pictures where other ladies look like Victoria Secret Angels and that sometimes can make us question – what is wrong with me? How come there are so many beauties and here I am with my big cheeks and undereye bags. I stopped questioning once I have learned the secret. img_4718

Oh my God. The easiest way to make anyone feel not good about their looks/house/clothes is to give them Pinterest and few spare hours. Though, it is an inspiration as well. So there I was…watching ‘before and after’..then few youtube videos..then a few more. And I finally got it! Makeup makes a huge difference. It can make anyone look pretty. Even me I guess. And though I still haven’t reached the stage of wearing amazing full makeup on a daily basis, at least for the next few months all my earnings were dedicated to refilling my cosmetic bag.

About two years ago I was going through my makeup bag, some broken shadows left marks on Ted Baker bright textile, few ‘almost finished’ drug store foundations…blush with weird shimmer. What a mess! Being an organised    slightly OCD person I have no idea how did I manage to get to that level of brutal anarchy in my makeup area. I guess I was never too much into makeup. I started wearing it, to the extent, when I was about 14 and since then it was just a routine. img_4827_fotor

So with all my newly acquired makeup addiction I can now share 8 Basic Makeup Brushes which any girl should have. Let’s say if you want to invest, just get these and they can take you a long way.

1. Foundation Brush or Beauty Blender 

We used to apply foundation with our bare fingers, so what is this fuss about? Each of us thought that. But I do agree, the finish is very different. With foundation brush or Beauty Blender you do get that flawless effect, your skin’s lying statement ‘I Woke Up Like This!’. And the actual maths behind this all is that with bare fingers you get the most cover, but also visible foundation; with the brush, you have cover and less visible foundation and with the Beauty Blender you have cover and least visible foundation. Whether it is true for you and whether the ‘blender eats foundation’ rumour is totally true I cannot say. I used the Beauty Blender and I loved it a lot, then it started to look like it was stabbed to death and while I had no time to go and buy another one I became comfortable with my brush. Whatever you chose, from Mac, Tarte, Zoeva,  Iconic or any other brand or unbranded brush, as long as it is of a good quality, it will work.


2. Blush Brush 

The blush brush I am using at the moment is from Tarte cosmetics , as are the others. You do not have to get these exact ones, you can find which you prefer but I did try quite a few brands and so far I am happy with my choice.

Blush brush should be soft and chose the comfy shape which is easy to use for you and gives the right effect, you want your blush to be slightly visible but not to the extent of the matryoshka doll. img_4739_fotor

3. Bronzer Brush 

Same rules as with the blush brush, except you can choose it to be more tightly made, like contouring brush, what I personally like. The right shape is very helpful and basically, does the job for you, just place it under the bone close to your ear and move towards the edge of your lips. At the moment I use two Tarte brushes, more fluffy, Swirl Power Bronzer & Contouring brush, and the more tight one. But you only need one really. img_4743_fotorimg_4748_fotor

4. Big Powder brush 

Whether you actually use powder or not, this is always in use, to take off any unwanted traces of makeup from your face at the end, to help blend everything together and so on. You can choose huge and super soft one or smaller tighter one, which can also help you with blush or bronzer sometimes when you are on the go. I use Tarte (what a surprise) and Mac 134. And it just occurred to me that I have bought my Mac brush in 2005…11 years ago! I do not recall any hairs falling off it so far and I can say it is in quite an amazing condition after all these years. Did not age like me. img_4761_fotor

5. Double-ended brow brush

You may skip this one if you use one of those brow pencils with one end being a brush already but otherwise, this is a must have. And double ended it should be for a reason – eyebrows are extremely important and make the huge difference so we want them to be perfect. This brush will be used whatever product you try – brow pencil, pomade or even tinting brows at home. I use Tarte  and Anastasia Beverly Hills . You can also use the angled flat side for my eye shadow to give that blended eyeliner effect or actual line. #lifehack img_4829_fotor

6. Eye shader brush

Basic eyeshadow brush. No need for further explanation. I love my Mac 239 which I think is also 11 years old. Unbelievable…unbelievable that I still have it, after all my crazy relocations. That’s what I call a loyal woman 🙂 img_4772_fotor

7. Big Fluffy eye brush

You may also skip this one, as well as the powder brush, but again, it will bring the blend to perfection and because we do aim for not less than perfection it is essential.

8. Blending brush 

Blending eye shadow brush. To blend eyeshadow.With the brush…for eyeshadows blending.

There are so many to choose from, different shapes, materials and sizes. If you do get these 8 Basic Brushes, I suggest you simply go from small to the biggest for eyes, where shader brush is smallest, fluffy is the biggest and these blending one is somewhere in between. It should fit well to your eyelids size, so you can make some nice visible blending of different eyeshadows instead of blending it all into one dirty colour, when the brush is too big, or having very sharp lines when it is too small.


Here are all the brushes you really need. And the last but not the least tip is, when you do have a tight budget, you may always want to go for the double-ended brushes. I have Bronze&Glow , which I use for my (guess what?) bronzer and highlighter, contouring brush , and this double ended brow & eyes brush , which is one of my favourites for eyeshadows because of its nice shape. These are great to have in your work bag or when you are travelling.

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