Colmar, France

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, pictures taken with my phone do not do the justice to the place, thus I replaced them with those from the web. Soon to be changed with my own pics, once I go back to take them. Sorry for this. 


Colmar, my love… 

You see it once and you know with your heart, something is going on. It is the romance of your life. As always, when you least expect it.

I was introduced to Colmar by my friends. Just a random Sunday trip, we were driving from Basel (Switzerland) and I did not have any high expectations, we were just craving  some good wine and a little adventure. Despite Colmar being quite an Instagram star, I have never heard of it before. That’s how it happens you know…You are best friends with someone for 10 years and the then you see her brother…And it is just like in one of those cheek flicks, no people around, silence..and raining.


In fact, I then learned we were sort of lucky to catch a bit of rain, as Colmar is one of the driest cities in France, what makes it a capital of Alsatian wine. Colmar is the best for wine…No wonder I knew my heart was stolen from the start. But there was even more…


The architecture is breathtaking. Whether you are a cold-hearted businessman or a love seeking teenager – in Colmar we all are just a Hansels or Gretels walking in a town of gingerbread houses.  The architecture is spectacular, your eyes cannot have enough of all this beauty and any modern persons’ nightmare would be to have their phone discharged there! Because trust me, you do want as many pictures as possible to then go back to them and see all the little details of this beauty. We have taken a little excursion bus and I would recommend it to anyone visiting the place. It took about 30 minutes but you can see most of the city centre and pick some places to walk to later, and hear about town’s history. The list of historic buildings is never ending and goes back to 14th century.

And if that is not enough, they have a Little Venice there. I lived in London Little Venice for the past year and as much as it is lovely, Colmar wins again.



We went to Colmar around Easter and all the little shops were beautifully decorated. I can only imagine what it is like for Christmas! And I am certainly coming back to see and feel it. In addition, there was a Sunday market in the main square. And I am obsessed with tiny markets, full of local foods and crafts. We have tasted local wines, which I loved and they deserve a separate article and bought some delicious cheese.


Colmar…I loved you when I saw you for the first time. And the more I learned about you, the more I was falling in love. You are beautiful, with a character, delicious wine and cheese, and that calm grace I am always seeking. What else could a girl ask for? Nothing else. Not this girl.

I will see you very soon my dear…

Love xxx J



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