IMG_9036I am one of the victims of the foodism epidemic that took over the world for the past few years. I have moved to England 3 years ago and I think this is the best place for a foodie to be.

A lawyer by day I enjoy a challenge and the adrenaline I get from my crazy life, but when I get home there is nothing more relaxing than cooking. However, skinny-cook is not about recipes.

Skinny-cook is not just about recipes.

It is about how to eat tasty food and be healthy, how to make meals quickly when it is not your main daily responsibility to cook and how to plan your diet. Skinny-Cook is about restaurants you can enjoy without having only a choice of fatty pasta, and it is about all those food events from Sunday Market to large chef’s festivals.

Finally, SC is about how to be beautiful inside&out. About my personal experience, lessons learned and places enjoyed.

Skinny-Cook is not to give you a ‘one for all’ meals plan with complicated recipes or just some ingredients you hate, it is to teach you how to be your own nutritionist, as well as stylist, designer and mua. Everything you need to be that Super-Woman. 

Overall, it is not just a pretty food!


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