All the things Pumpkin or Halloween 2016


Well Hello there 😈

Trick or Treat ..yourself?


Cannot believe it is Halloween again, where does the time go? I must say I am a fun of all the traditions and celebrations. I do not think I had many traditions in my family, and definitely had no Halloween when I was young. It just wasn’t even known in my country. Therefore, all these things excite me like a kid!


This year I am too far away to celebrate properly, but ‘little party never hurt nobody’. So I have carved my pumpkin and I have done my costume, which is a Plastic Surgery Girl, or ‘A girl who spent too much time on Instagram’ should I say?


I wanted to do this costume last year but ended up working late and doing a simple kitty make-up (how cheesy). unnamed-5

Now it is time to pour some drinks and remember all the pumpkin recipes I enjoyed recently or have done since last year. And as you may already  know, for me, autumn means pumpkin and pumpkin is autumn.



So, last year’s Halloween ideas are still relevant as well as my delicious Pumpkin Pie.  And finally, nothing is better then Hokkaido Icecream with a cup of warm tea on a cold autumn evening with a good movie.

And it is all about pumpkin again, I have already fallen in love, became addicted and over (not for long) Pumpkin Spice Latte , and tried out this new tasty and simple Pumpkin Tart.



Yes Pumpkin Tart again, like last year, but it is quite different. This one has very few ingredients and may be easier to make. The base is also a shortcrust, and not gingerbread cookies. Though you can always mix filling/base from different recipes!


And if you prefer something sour before you enjoy one of those desserts, why not make Butternut Squash Ravioli with homemade pasta dough. It is really simple and so delicious, you will never want to buy supermarket ravioli again!


With the same dough, I made Squash and Spinach Lasagna. And I tried to give it a good photoshoot but failed, because it was too delicious and was eaten way too quickly. I guess I have to make it again asap.

Also, for the Halloween Party, or any other party really..or day, and for all the hummus lover out there who want a guilt-free hummus recipe, my Pumpkin Hummus Deep does the trick. It takes 2 minutes to prepare and you can eat as much as you want.


This is all I have for you this Halloween 2016. Enjoy your pumpkins, and I will go back to scaring people with my newfound looks.

Can I be an Instagram Queen now? 💉💉💉💉💉