Beetroot and Prunes Tartare (Digestion and Cleanse)

unnamed (1)This is not a protein dinner but it is absolutely fantastic for digestion. It is light and you cannot do anything better (and quicker!) if you want to do some ‘cleaning’.

Perfectly, you should get a raw organic beetroot and boil it yourself, then remove the skin. However, it is fine if you get a prepared from the supermarket if you are not willing to spend lots of time on this.

There are only two steps required:

  1. Chop the beetroot finely and season on your taste.
  2. Add chopped prunes.

Prunes and beetroot are great together both for their stomach health benefits and sweet taste. However if you want something different, try one of this combinations:

  1. Chopped in squares boiled beetroot and pickles, add a tbsp. of olive oil.
  2. Beetroot+ feta cheese + dill + olive oil.
  3. Beetroot + feta cheese + walnut.


All of these combinations are absolutely delicious and good for you as a light dinner or side salad to your main (protein dish).

P.s. And a little tip about beetroot – if you have a low blood pressure, do not use it in your juices and smoothies – it will not work well on you, you might feel dizzy as if you are collapsing because of the quick blood pressure drop.  But if you are hypertonic, take a beetroot juice shot (or add to your juice/smoothie) to normalize you’re your blood pressure. 

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