Chocolate Apples

Despite my love for clean eating and all the healthy things, I cannot deny that chocolate and desserts are my sins. I do not eat it every day but once I crave something sweet, I can’t control it. So here is my latest finding – Chocolate Apples.


Simple snack for chocolate lovers. I do find it truly delicious and as a bonus, I have noticed, I do not eat as much choco as I usually would, thanks to the ‘apples’ part. In addition, if you would usually eat some crazy milk chocolate, in this recipe you go for dark healthy chocolate. They are quite fun to make if you have kids especially, I got carried away and lost my focus (I mean it…pics are not in focus😐)





A piece of lemon or lemon juice


  1. Cut the apples and melt the chocolate. I suggest sprinkling apples with lemon juice so they don’t go brown. Unfortunately, I remembered this trick a bit late so you can see my apples became kind of brownish by the time I finished.
  2. Take a piece of apple and cover a half with melted chocolate, leave it on a baking paper or other non-stick plate/board. Repeat with all the apples. You may want to add some nuts as well or other chopped dried fruits.
  3. Once finished, leave to rest. You may want to place choco-apples in a fridge.


Enjoy this healthy snack straight away or take it to work!

Love xxx J