Chocolate Pear Smoothie

The other day I was thinking about what was trendy in eat clean food this year and what will remain/be new for the next one? Smoothies…smoothies are gonna be here next year, and the year after. At least I hope so because they are so easy and delicious – anyone, even with zero cooking skills can eat clean with them. Whether you want soup or dessert, you can simply have that kind of smoothie. So here is to my chocolate cravings – chocolate Pear Smoothie!

Delicious Chocolaty Smoothie, Natural Sugars from Pear, good carbs to give you energy for the day.

IMG_4938 (1)_Fotor.jpgIt only takes: 

1 Pear

1 Cup of Skimmer Milk

2-3 tbps cacao

1/5 tbsp honey/maple/agave syrup if needed


Use your blender to mix it all together. The longer you mix the more ‘light’ it becomes, the more air it gets in.


Pour your smoothie into glass and Enjoy!