December 2015

Step 2: Protein Load. Eat more to be Fit


images-3So now that we are drinking lots of water, feeling better and fresher in the morning, feeling those muscles we actually have in our body and enjoying all other benefits from starting Step 1 two weeks ago, it is time to add something new to our pre-Christmas transformation! Now we have to eat MORE! and perfectly eat more in the afternoon….yes.

I wrote it before, and you all have read/heard it before 1000000 times, we all know it thank God finally by 2015…to lose fat you need to eat Protein food! And the reason I say eat more of it after lunchtime is because I personally support the scheme of…

(1) Afternoon Protein Load – so you can have your oats for breakfast, eat a good balanced lunch and then after that and until next breakfast – you load your body with protein! It usually works out like protein afternoon snack and dinner. But let’s make something clear once and forever…

I read all the time things like ‘hummus is protein food’ or some nuts etc. NO..that is not what I mean. Yes, some grains have more protein then their ‘relatives’ but what we need here is Pure protein food which have low, next-to-nothing carbs (and obviously fats unless it’s that ‘good fat’ in fish).

And the best foods for this purpose are:

Chicken breasts (also turkey!)

Lean Beef

Fish (Tuna, Salmon, kinds of white not too fatty fish)

Also canned fish


Egg whites (and PLEASE remember the rule – not more than 2 egg yolks per day and 5 per week all together..would be silly to die from high cholesterol once you finally got your dream body)

Protein shakes and similar powders

Low fat Cottage cheese (Best ones are dry Polish, they have almost no carb and about 18-22gm of protein! which is like chicken breasts)

Mushrooms (not so high in protein but has almost no carb and good to combine for tastier protein dishes) images

So these are the best and highest in protein foods you should eat. If you have never tried protein load before here are main things to know:

  1. It matters HOW you cook it. Chicken breasts in a pool of Nando’s sauce do not count…seriously. Boil or bake everything!
  2. Experiment! When I started I would buy a whole chicken, bake it and eat for two days…as a result – I stopped eating meat a year ago..had enough. If you have time – experiment, so many protein load dishes you can now find online. Mix that tuna can with cucumber (cucumber is fine as it is mostly water) and boiled egg whites and here’s your salad; Chicken breasts especially have like 100000 healthy variations. Make a protein cheesecake with cottage cheese etc.
  3. Drink even more water! This will help to digest protein foods, which sometimes can cause some ‘blocks’…
  4. Take Omega-3 daily! Especially if you are a girl and you are not planning to become fit but bold unable to have kids human…I mean it. it is important to have good fats in our body so take Omega-3 and make sure you eat avocados and nuts before protein time.imgres

Also, I can say that Afternoon Protein Load is the easiest option comparing to those from below. You might feel a bit not too active at evening but you will have enough energy left from lunch to workout.


Another option I used to love – it works amazingly for everyone who tried it but I must say it is the hardest as well at the beginning. This is a Protein-Carb Cycling (‘PCC’). Cycle lasts 4 days : 2 Protein, 1 Carb, 1 Mixed. This diet type will be a separate topic soon as it actually involves some calculation but for now here are simplified rules:

  1. On Protein days it is JUST protein foods and may be some cucumber + spices/greens like parsley etc. I should aware it is probably not the best idea to start this on Monday or when you need to perform some good is personal but usually you feel not great on these days. Body lacks carbs, no energy, not good with thinking, you really want to rest.
  2. Carbs day does not mean you should order 10 pizzas. Carbs will be good carbs – oats, brown rice, a bit of veggies. Make yourself some veg soup – your stomach will appreciate. Also – your dinner should be pure protein.Sorry.
  3. Mix day – this should contain approx 50:50 carbs and protein plus,again, pure protein dinner.

PCC honestly gives amazing results. It is recommended not to do it for more than 1 month without any breaks. Usually you will see HUGE difference by circle 8 already. Take pictures of your body ever week or two weeks, you will be amazed.

Sasha Versal is a great example of PCC work. Starting with ‘cake’ pic: Jan 2011; June 2011; July 2011; August 2011. Amazing results.


And the last one, which after I left PCC is now my number one choice – is a 6 Days PC Mix. I find this one much easier to follow now, also it gives amazing results and after 6 days you can have your 7th day off (eat healthy and have a protein dinner though) and start 6 days again. This is also the only pre-planned ‘non-personal’ diet I support.

Day 1 – Fish

Day 2 – Veggies (not more than 700gm)

Day 3 – Chicken 

Day 4 – Grains 

Day 5 – Cottage Cheese (check low fat and carb) 

Day 6 – Fruits 

I don’t eat meat so I usually replace Day 3 with something else, usually just protein shakes, egg whites etc. You see that the sense here is to have protein days (chicken, fish, cheese) mixed 1-1 with carb days AND do it in a mono-diet. If your first try is not going well, try and skip the ‘mono’ part, just eat different proteins on the right days.

Also my tip – I find fish day quite hard, usually you don’t want to eat fish EVER again after first meal already (remember – no side, just baked fish!) . I started doing fish broth..big chunks of fish in its own broth are much easier to eat. Add spring onion chilli … and here’s some asian style soup!


I know now with all this pre-Christmas dinners it is hard to stick to such meal plan 100% but if you understood the concept – you are fine. Going to restaurant chose steak or baked fish instead of risotto and you’ll be fine! Have a protein shake in that afternoon and you are fine. Just start – and you are fine. All other days – follow the plan. And make sure to eat the whole turkey! 🙂


Let me know which of these Protein Load schemes you are going to try or if you have your own – share it with me. Now smile, you are about to start Step 2 which will bring you your dream body very soon. How exciting! I am going to start Afternoon protein load now and stick to it. 1…2…3…START!