Fall/Winter Life Essentials: The Guide to Survival

We are now two months into Autumn and it is the time when you finally realise, that you may not need those short soon and that Christmas spirit is around the corner. And as much as all the Christmas shopping is enjoyable, winter is not that much fun in the UK. You wake up and it is still dark and mostly raining, you start craving more carbs, you wink…you wake up when it is somehow May and here you are with your new body and traces of winter depression and laziness, trying to squeeze into that summer dress.


Whether you are reading this because you have joined the VS Angels Transformation and because inner cleanse is a part of Week 1, or just because you don’t want another 3 4 6 cold months to pass by – Here are few essentials, how not to become that sleeping bear this Fall/Winter season and make the most of it.

Healthy Comfort Food

It is cold and we all are craving something warm, carb’y, and perfectly fatty. But let me stop you here. To survive this winter and get the most of it, let us be extra-cautious when it comes to food. Spend 30 minutes and find healthy recipes which will do the trick. It is not hard. You can start your days with delicious porridge, like this Oatmeal, have a healthy version of Pumpkin Spice Latte  and healthy snacks anytime you feel you need that little extra. It is not hard, and it does not take more time than usual meals. So why not keep our bodies lean and energised while giving much-needed carbs.

Good Hand Cream

Taking care of your skin is essential the whole year round. But taking extra time to chose your hands cream for winter is a must-do. With all this cold weather, gloves and being in-and-out of warm temperature (when you leave home or office) damages hands badly. So give them that good treatment they deserve. At the end of the day, we all know that women’s age is judged from her hands and neck. So consider this a long-term investment.


Soft Jumper 

Not only this is a forever capsule item of your winter wardrobe but good soft jumper will actually make you look forward to wearing it. From my childhood, I remember wearing some huge winter sweater and it would be made of that kind of wool that ‘bites’ you skin. Fair enough, it was -15 outside but I would prefer not to take that trend to my mature life. I pick two-three good quality jumpers which I do wear on a daily basis. See my shopping picks at the end.



I don’t know why I am so obsessed with candles. I think good candle scent can make any place feel like comfy home. And this season there are so many new scents to choose from! Pick few and see how they boost your mood. I choose 1-2 with wintery scents for calm evenings and 1 citrusy for when I need that extra energy booster. See my shopping picks at the end.



Not to give up workouts is essential. It is so easy, cause an amount of excuses you can give yourself at winter doubles: ‘It is raining’, ‘It is too cold’, ‘I am lazy’, ‘Who cares, it’s winter’. But you get out of shape in no time and it is so much harder to get back in it, so why not maintain what you’ve achieved so far? Give yourself a promise, if you don’t feel like leaving the house, just do a short workout from YouTube: HIIT or Yoga, up to you. But Just DO it! Also, you may wish to invest in the membership of some good Gym which has SPA zone. Nothing feels better for me than having that sauna/jacuzzi time at least once per week during winter.

‘Myself’ Time 

I can never understand when people say they are bored. I understand that there are fewer parties or BBQ or city breaks you can have at winter but why not use this tie wisely? Remember that book you never had time to read? Or how you always say you wanted to learn to bagpipe? Well, now is your time! Spend at least one hour these winter evenings not in from of TV but doing something for your inner self. Read a book, draw a picture, get into some course at Coursera .

Also, the last but not the least, walk! I know it is cold, but there are sunny days. So make sure you make the most of each of them. Nothing more reviving than fresh crisp winter air.


My Shopping Picks

Hand Creams – Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour

Payot Softening Hand Cream

Jumpers – John Lewis Cashmere Crew Neck 

 John Lewis Roll Neck Jumper

Books –  Gone With the Wind, M. Mitchell

    A Christmas Carol, C.Dickens

Down and Out in Paris and London, G.Orwell 

Candles – Christmas Scents Candles

Lime&Bay Candle