Green Omelette Roll

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Absolutely yummy breakfast when you are bored of your usual eggs, oats etc.  And as always – it will be easy and quick to make. You can also vary the filling depending on your taste.





2 large eggs

Handful of fresh Spinach (can use chopped frozen too, the amount will depend on how liquid the omelette is, you don’t want to turn it into spinach cream)


Feta Cheese

Smoked Salmon

  1. Blend eggs with spinach and seasoning. You may add more spinach depending on how big the eggs are. You want the omelette to be as green as possible but also to have enough egg to cook it.
  2. Cook on a slow heat under the lid on a frying pan (add olive oil if your frying pan is not non-stick).
  3. On a cooked omelette put filling (feta and salmon with dill) in the middle and carefully wrap it.


With this breakfast, you tick few boxes at once: Omega-3 from Salmon, Proteins from eggs/salmon/feta, and a portion of greens.


P.S. Do not forget, that eggs can be as good for you as bad. Not only you should remember that ‘organic’ and ‘free-range’ are not just words – it is actually the indicator of whether the egg will be good for you or harmful. But also that you should not eat more than 2 eggs a day and all together -5 eggs a week! This is due to the high amount of cholesterol in the yolk, and overload of it will be harmful to your health. (Yes, Despite all those people who say that they eat 5 eggs a day and they are ‘fine’. Ask them to take a blood test first).

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