Healthy basic pancakes



This is a basic recipe of delicious and easy pancakes – absolutely guilt free! They are quick to make and I genuinely prefer them to usual ones. Enjoy them for breakfast with your favourite toppings!


1393d9e0-494f-4a88-86f5-c2dae49e7459.jpg1 organic egg

1/2 banana

2 tablespoons of oats

baking powder (optional)


  1. Blend all the ingredients together.
  2. Use coconut oil on pan, fry your pancakes on both sides. Also because of ingredients my pancakes can go very dark as if they are burned but once you taste it, you see it is perfectly fine.
  3. Add your favourite healthy toppings and enjoy.

As easy as that!681ca1f7-ef41-4c17-bb4c-35f95d14b622