Honey Pear Salad

If you want to do one change at your diet now, start with light dinners. Skip heavy carbs and fats. And start having more veggies for lunch, have more salad. I think 2016 was quite a salad-obsession year. All those beautiful pictures on Instagram, insane variety! And I am obsessed too. And while most of my salads replace a full nutritious meal by size and amount of ingredients, this one is as light and as simple as it gets.

I was told about it by my Godmother – Alla, and I became addicted ever since! It is quick to prepare, it is light but filling and it can even help you with your dessert cravings! Interesting, huh?


The proportion I found best is 1:2, like:

200 grammes of Chinese cabbage (Napa cabbage)

100 grams of pear

2 tbsp mustard with seeds

1 tbsp raw organic honey

1tbsp olive oil


  1. Finely chop the cabbage and chop pear in squares
  2. Mix mustard, honey and olive oil. Try to taste, add more mustard if the sauce is too sweet, or the opposite
  3. Mix all the Ingredients


This simple salad is truly delicious and can also be a good side for chicken breast or, for instance, pork cheeks….or for wine and cheese. You may also want to replace honey with maple syrup!