IceCream NiceCream


1.Take super ripe bananas (yes, I mean it, take those which skin is already turning brown but they are not too soft inside). This is important cause super ripe banana will have that delicious sweetness and that is what you want in your ice cream.

2. Peel them, cut or break into pieces and place in your freezer to freeze.

3. Whenever you feel like a desert – take a handful out of your freezer and blend it. You may want to add a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup. Banana nice cream also goes really well with pecan nuts or/and raisins. Yum!

4. Enjoy from the bowl or get yourself those nice waffle cones.

Then, with this basic recipe you can build around it as far as your creativity goes. Mine did not go too far, I love the basic banana recipe with raisins. But I also enjoyed adding some frozen raspberries and topping it with fresh strawberries in a bowl.


Another alternative is to use frozen berries only (no banana) and blend them with a spoon of yoghurt (or cottage cheese if you want to add some protein and make it super healthy) and some honey.

This is it. Enjoy!