November 2015

Step 1. Beginners’ Guide to fat loss bet you can find hundreds of articles telling you what you should and should not do to lose weight (fat..lose fat please, not weight). But after reading few of them, including my favourite Telegraph ‘s ‘Ten Simple Rules’ (including ‘skip breakfast’, ‘eat carbs at night’ and ‘avoid stress’ – simple indeed) I can say hundreds is not enough. So here is just one more short guide on how to feel fabulous without much hassle.

But before we start, just one note: all the tips below are for people who already have ADEQUATE lifestyle. If you do not know what CocaCola Light is a NO, as well as any other fizzy drink, McDonalds should burn in hell and even those supermarket ready meals are not good for you – take few steps back and read on those and similar points please, stop killing yourself and then come back. Yes, ready meals from Waitrose are bad too. Yes, even Marks and Spencer. I know, life is cruel.

1.No hassle. 

I remember when I was young  6-8 years ago me and my best friend were obsessed with dieting. We tried ALL ‘cool’ diets you could find online and obviously started them all on Monday and …just wait for it… we had a ‘GOOD BYE FOOD’ party before. Basically we used to get all the cakes, pizza cookies etc and eat it a night before ‘just to say good bye’ . Before you run to your local – obviously no one ever lost any weight back then.

So to make a long story slightly shorter – please do not make a big deal out of this. You are just slightly changing/ adding new habits which will give you your dream body very soon. That is it! You also might find it helpful to take one step at a time. One tip per day or per few days.

2. Make a ‘Before’ picture and be excited. 

I know I said ‘no hassle’ but how nice will it be to make such an ‘after picture’ in a month or two.


3. Water.

I bet you have hear this 100 times. There is no better way to start – just drink 1,5-3l (as much as you can basically) water every day, the effect is amazing: cleanse, lighter feeling, waking up easily in the morning etc. etc. Have you not seen this woman’s story?

Click the pic to see the article.

4. Do not count calories. 

I have met people whose ‘diet’ was eating 800 calories per day and as you can imagine those were not calories from good carbs and proteins, no, those were ‘So if I drink one can of cola light I still have…ccal left and I can have a cookie later’. So before you lose your hair, get your skin ugly etc. Please just stop it. It is a biiiiig topic why purely counting calories help nobody, topic for another article.


5. Breakfast.

Eat delicious breakfast. Perfectly it should be oats (no added flavours) with some peanut butter/honey/fruits/bananas/etc.


6. Plan your food.

I know how it happens, you go to the shop, you are tired, you can’t be bothered, you get whatever and eat it. This is truly the MAIN key to a real fat loss and we will take it further on every Step. But so far – you know what is good for you and what is not. You might not have much time now to make a proper menu but an approximate plan takes 5 minutes, just do it in your I-Notes on the way to work tomorrow. Plan you shopping list and lunch/dinner. Think what is too fatty, too heavy – exclude it. Make your dinner as protein-full as you can. No, mince fajitas do not count for protein as well as cheese! make it simple. Fish or Steak with some Veggies (no potatoes!) is the best option. As per lunch – if you are buying it – chose a balanced carb/protein option, do not go for fast food, curry or a sandwich with that creepy ‘made of paper’ bread. Wrap/ hot soup is much better. An article on best lunch chain restaurants in London is coming soon 🙂

7. Exercise 

I am not asking you to go to the gym now. I know it is not easy to force yourself and it is that ‘ most wonderful time of the year’ as well. No worries, at this stage it is 80% about you food, luckily, but 10 min morning yoga or simple exercise, or even better 30 mins workout while watching your fav TV show at evening will keep you ‘aware’. And what I mean – you get that light feeling, your body is aware of those muscles, you feel much better, more alive – you just will not want to put any rubbish food inside that body. In fact, you will get that excitement about all this new lifestyle.


I am really trying to think of 3 more guidelines to make it all sound ‘cool’ like ’10 easy steps’ etc. But in fact THESE are enough.  Remember Rule 1.

Give it 1 week to incorporate this Step 1. You can add 3,5,6,7 day by day if you want or just all at once, whatever feels more comfortable. In any case we all will get those amazing results soon! 🙂