October 2015

7 Best Halloween Ideas


Halloween is just around the corner and if you are planning a big party for you and your monsters – here are 7 what I considered to be best&easiest ‘food and more’ ideas for this Halloween. Be scared, be very scared..Ho-Ho-hO-hOoooooo

1. Witches’ Fingers. 

What can be creeper than a bad manicure? So spend few minutes to prepare some basic cookie dough and add almonds as ‘nails’ – Easy and Creepy. Yum.


 2.Just ordinary eyeballs. 

Boil an egg, then crack it carefully from all sides so the eggshell remains. Colour it with eggshell colour paint (food paint, like for Easter). Remove eggshell, split eggs in halves and add finely blended guacamole instead of yolk with a half of a pitted olive (black olives look better). Ready.


3.Witches Brooms. 

Remember those Witches’ Fingers? So here are their Brooms. Eyes were also theirs, it is a witches body puzzle, yes.

This one is my favourite. Take pretzel sticks, slices of hard but ‘flexible’ cheese (or cheese strings) and fresh chives or spring onions (green part). Cut the cheese slices but only 3/4 , put it around pretzel stick and use chives/green onion to tie it around the cheese.


4. Worms. 

Can, grind chocolate, jelly worms (buy in the store).


Another version is to make worms yourself, what would probably make them look more real than those bright orange-yellow-green ones from the shop. Here is an instruction someone kindly made for us.


5. My Pumpkin Tart. 

And here is my spiced pumpkin tart, so all those ripped butternut squashes can be used. Recipe I made up from what I though are best parts of those I found online. It is simple and delicious! And you can decorate it as spooky as you want.

Find the recipe HERE. I hope you enjoy it.


6. Shots of Blood. 

Finally the drinks part! Well, obviously there is always a good old bowl of Bloody Marry were you can add bits and pieces (of that Witch we’ve disemboweled) but how about this simple formula:

Syringe + Cranberry juice + Vodka.


Something makes me feel these will be very popular.

7. Decorating. 

I like these ideas: Using pumpkin and bowl of ice to keep alcohol bottles in; and make some really bloody candles as shown on the picture.


And Finally! Don’t forget the Pumpkin!  Have a terrifying Halloween!