Party Purse Essentials

The weekend is ahead and it’s time to prep our party dresses, heels and purses. How is the party purse filling different from an everyday bag? Well, depends on the party.

If you are going for dinner after work, that’s easy, your usual bag will do the trick – keys, wallet and a bunch of unnecessary items we, girls, love to carry around. But if it is a party/club/date, that’s a very different thing. Firstly, your purse is small and that’s like hunger games for your things – not everything will get in that purse and party with you. Secondly, there are few things we should always keep in mind, like security, comfort and your own looks throughout the night. So here are few essentials I picked, from most to least essential, whatever you can fit in your purse.


  1. Phone, Keys, Cash, Card, ID

These are the essential items you should always have with you. But when it comes to your party purse, my main recommendation is: keep cash, card and keys separately. So instead of stuffing your wallet with all of them, put your cards in a card holder, keep some cash (necessary amount for the taxi home) in a separate hidden pocket. So if anything gets lost/stolen, you have a backup. Even better if you have pockets you can fit cash in. Don’t want to be negative, but we should be ready for it all.

2. Lipstick, Powder 

As much as I appreciate the need of eyeshadow/corrector/foundation/highlighter/eyebrow pencil and other very important things you really really need in your night out to keep that face glowing, powder and lipstick are more than enough. At some point of the night, you just want to fix that shine on your skin and top up lips colour, the rest is fine, just enjoy the party now!


3. Perfume, Hairbrush 

I never leave the house without perfume in my bag, cause I am a smell-addict. My face may be a tired mess but I will smell nice. It is important to have you party perfume in as small size as possible and my forever favourite would be Le Lab0 Liquid Balm, I have quite a few of their smells and my recent favourite for a night out was Bergamote 22 or Rose 31. Spray your perfume at home, it lasts ages and the whole street can smell it, then take the matching Liquid Balm with you to top up through the night. As for the hair brush, find the smallest you can for your party purse. You are lucky if you can fit Tangle Teezer in.


4. Hand disinfection, gum, portative charger. 

Because: 1) I am a tidy freak and I need my hands clean 2) Gum must always be with you 3) Discharged phone is the worst thing ever and not because you cannot take selfies and share your party with social media…No! But because you end up not being able to find your friends or call Uber or function as a human really.


These are my picks for the Party Purse, you can check shopping list below. What are yours?

Have a great Friday night and misbehave well. 

Love xxx J

Shopping Picks

Purse – Bvlgari Seprenti 

Lipstick – Tom Ford in ‘Bruised Plum’ 

Powder – Kiko

Perfume – Le Labo

Hairbrush – Tangle Teezer

Charger (alternative) – Tutilo