Personalised healthy Chocolate


1 Bar of best dark chocolate;

Fillings of your choice. I used: Sea salt, blueberries, rose petals, matcha, coconut flakes, goji.

  1. Use good quality dark chocolate! The darker the better! Put it in a glass or metal bowl which you then place on top of a pan with hot/boiling water. Melt the chocolate. 8fb62ff7-c946-4611-a4e2-4807b92ec085
  2. Make bars or one big bar on a baking paper. I LOVE to make it very thin like crisps, very recommended to try it that way.
  3. Simply put the filling you want on top of your newly made bar. You can add natural vanilla powder when melting the chocolate. Top with your favourite things. I decided to try whatever I had: coconut flakes, fresh blueberries, seas salt, matcha tea, rose petals, goji berries – and I cannot say which one of them was tastier. Use your imagination – dried peeled orange skin, chilli flakes, coffee, anise etc.a05175bc-ab5f-4961-b59d-0e7dde4104d9
  4. Place it all in a freezer. Thin crisps must be kept in a freezer all the time until you eat them, otherwise they melt in no time.


Enjoy your personalised tasty and healthy choco!