Quattro Passi (May Fair, London)

You might have heard about this one. Or seen it in one of those daily mail articles about Lindsey Lohan, Daniel Craig or other celebrity who (hopefully) enjoyed the meal there. So here is a review based on my experience of what is called ‘on of the top London Italian restaurants’.

Chef Antonio Mellino has two Michelin stars at his landmark restaurant in Campania what brings you expectations to the sky already. It is situated on 34 Dover Street, London, W1S 4NG and you can check out the website:  www.quattropassi.co.uk .


Firstly, restaurant’s interior design is very appealing, clean lines and pleasant light, and the service was great as well, professional and you feel very welcomed…almost like Italian grandma’s home.



The Menu and wine list are impressive,  for instance I was happy to see my favourite Burrata – super delicious soft mozzarella-type cheese which I have only found is two other London Italian restaurants so far. As for prices, you can get a tasting menu for £80 for 7 courses or 3 courses for £35. A La Cart menu : starters and antipasti go from  £12 to £40, mains from £30 to £40 with side dishes for £4-5.

I obviously decided to start with ‘Burrata Pugliese, Rucola, Pomodorini’ and cannot recommend it enough – fresh, soft and delicious just as it should be!

the picture was borrowed from the London Foodie

For the main dish, I have chosen vegetarian ‘Linguine alla Nerano’ . Unfortunately, as a big fan of pasta, I was slightly disappointed with this dish. I appreciate freshly made pasta served al dente but I personally do also enjoy more creaminess and sauce. My dish personally also seemed a bit too ‘al dente’. But being fair, my ‘partner in crime’ had Pollo Organico ‘Rhug Estate’ which he commented on as ‘very delicious’ and I trust that.


Finally, for desert, I have chosen hazelnuts ice-cream and that was absolutely magnificent. I love ice-cream more than words can say, and I have tried some best ice-creams, but this just blew my mind from the first second my tongue tasted it.

On the less bright side – there is hardly anything in the dessert menu which does not contain nuts, so if you have an allergy you might have to skip dessert at all. Hopefully, this problem was/is/will be fixed.

To finalise out delicious experience, we were also brought this….


a spectacular complementary desert tree with a selection of mini chocolates, cookies, macaroons etc.


Wine List also has a good selection of some great Italian wines for a wide range of prices. Moreover, you can order Quattro Passi’s own label champagne from Epernay and sommelier is always there to help you select the best pairing wine.

Overall, I had a very good impression, good restaurant for a date or just a dinner with friends or family. I personally would just live there for their delicious Burrata and hazelnut ice-cream. And, the last but not the least – do get a bread basket, freshly made selection of bread was to die for. You can diet later.



my now favourite ice-cream and Desert tree