Smoked Mackerel and Potato Pot and Creamy Mustard Sauce.

Smoked Mackerel and Potato Pot and Creamy Mustard Sauce.

 This is a comforting dish (which is still ‘not that bad’) created one ‘I need to clear the fridge’ kind of day. I loved it so much – it is creamy, slightly spicy and it has potatoes in it (and as this is something I allow myself to eat very rarely, I enjoy them very much). Also, it is not boring and is quick to make.

As I was really cooking with the leftovers, amounts are approximate and you can add ingredients you think will make the dish tastier for you.


5 New potatoes

3 cloves of Garlic

1 small onion or few Shallots

1 Handful of broad Beans

Smoked Mackerel (I had 1,5 fillet)


1 tsp. of Dijon mustard

Parsley (I had none but it would complete the dish so well!) and Seasoning (does not really need any salt because of the fish but pepper and maybe a sprinkle of chilli powder is what I used).

  1. Peel potatoes, chop and boil until softened; add shallots for the last 2 minutes
  2. Boil the broad beans (3 mins) and peel the ‘shell’ if needed2
  3. Add to a baking dish potatoes, chunks of Smoked mackerel, shallots, and beans and chopped garlic4.
  4. Make a sauce: simply add some cream and mustard in a saucepan, mix while heating but do not boil (1-2 mins)3
  5. Add sauce to the baking dish with other ingredients and bake on 190C/Gass Mark 5 for 15 mins.


Serve with a good amount of finely chopped parsley on top.  Enjoy!7

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