You can find a full article about Sushirittos here.


1 Nori sheetIMG_6997

1/3 cooked and cooled sushi rice

Wasabi (if you like it hot)Sliced:



Red Cabbage


Salmon (use freshest sashimi salmon sprinkled with lime juice and some soy sauce for best taste), on my pictures you can see smoked sliced salmon which worked great too.

  1. Place a nori sheet as you do for making rolls. Shiny side looks down, nori placed on the sushi mat . You will place ingredients parallel to the nori linesIMG_6998
  2. Put a thin layer of cooked rice on top leaving some space – about 1 cm on top of the sheet and 1 cm from both left and right side if you want a ‘closed’ rollIMG_6999
  3. Put the ingredients, be careful not to over-stuff otherwise you will not be able to roll itIMG_7001IMG_7002
  4. Using the mat- roll the roll… from down side to the top, so the top 1 cm of nori meets the ‘down’ side of the roll and seals them together. Use few drops of water to seal it properly IMG_7003
  5. Now, using few drops of water, you can seal the sides, both if you prefer to cut sushiritto in two halves or just one to leave it this big. IMG_7005
  6. Cut it into halves, wrap in some  paper and Enjoy!