Tuna Pasta

Keeping diet I do not miss any cakes or pies or even pizza as my favourite cheat meal of all times is Pasta. This is a LoveLove. Nevertheless I do appreciate the fact that eating super-fatty pasta dish with greasy sauces is perhaps not the best idea – you do not want your cheat meal to kill all the work you have done before. Thus this Tuna Pasta is quick and easy and satisfies your pasta craving completely while not leaving you with new kilogrammes to fight. Use brown pasta and you can have this one more often.  Ingredients amount is approximate as you might prefer to use more/less of your favourite bits. 

Serves 2 big portions:

Olive Oil

IMG_02601/2 onion

2 garlic cloves

1/2 chilli

Cherry Tomatoes

1-2 tbsp capers

4 anchovy

1 can of Tuna in Brine

1/3 Lemon Juice



  1. Put pasta to cook in boiled water. You now have about 15 min no cook the rest;
  2. Fry chopped onion, garlic and chilli until onion is golden;
  3. Add Cherry tomatoes cut in halves to the frying pan;IMG_9975
  4. Wait until tomatoes are softened and add chopped anchovies and Tuna. IMG_0263IMG_9974
  5. In 2-3 minutes add capers;
  6. Take boiled pasta (no water) and add to the frying pan with the tuna sauce.
  7. Mix adding lemon juice and dill.
  8. Season if needed and serve. Enjoy! IMG_0264

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