Victoria Secret Show: Angels Transformation

Victoria Secret 2016 Fashion Show will take place in Paris this year and CBS will air the show on December 5 (10 PM ET). From what is revealed so far, the guests will be Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and the Weekend, and Jasmine Tookes will be wearing the fantasy bra this year.


The list of the models for Victoria Secret 2016 Fashion Show includes 54 beauties like Karlie Gloss, Kendall Jenner,  Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid…and no ME…again.Not this year.

I have been watching Victoria Secret shows each year religiously for, I guess, 9 years already and I always wondered – does anyone actually look at the lingerie? You may not watch any other fashion show ever but you will watch Victoria Secret show for spectacular images, popular singers and themAngels. 👼🏼 👼🏼 👼🏼 👼🏼👼🏼

I will be honest, as a total perfectionist and fit body addict, each year the show left me sad: I am not good enough, I am not tall enough, my hair is not long enough, it is not shiny enough etc. etc. etc. And thankfully, that would motivate me! And as the show is also a stone throw away from Christmas, the motivation would last till the Christmas dinner and would just make me add 10 extra points to my New Years resolution plan.


But this year it will be different. This year I will be one of them, and I urge you to join me here!

Once I knew the date for this year’s Show, I caught myself thinking ‘ And I am not like that still’. But every time I make diet and training plan for anyone I always say that 1 month is enough to even turn your life around and not just your looks. So these 4 weeks are enough to make me, and you – a Victoria Secret Angel! Even if your final result on December 5 is this…(obviously it depends on what you are starting with) ….


….If you follow the plan You will be much happier, in the much better shape than before and knowing what to do next. And I promise you that…Because I am in it with you. And I am not talking about any diet plans now! Let’s see what I have in mind…

What makes a girl and Angel? (Except DNA lottery)

  • Body
  • Nice shiny hair
  • Glowing skin (+ good makeup)
  • Smile

Obviously, you may name 10 more things but this is general basic ones.


What do I have to do?

We have 4 full weeks, starting 7/11/2016 (Monday of course) to make it all real.

Each week, on Saturday (starting with 5/11/2016) I will publish a ‘Theme of the week’ahead and basics of what should be achieved in that week. I remind you, that it is not about pure diet or exercise, but also about inner beauty too (no Angel project is complete without that ‘Smile’ part). I will share with you some suggestion and my findings and my personal experience.

The Theme of the Week will also be a basic theme for all or most of the posts here on that week: recipes/ articles/ fashion – will be dedicated to the theme.

What will the final Result be? 

Well, here you are free to set up your personal treat or an extra goal. I will stick to my anxiety and skip the ‘walking in lingerie on a runway’ part, but on December 5, I (and those who join me for these 4 weeks) is going to drink champagne, probably in my wings as a complete weirdo, watching Victoria Secret Show with my wholly revived and best ever body shape and mindset! Ready for the Christmas and more achievements in 2017.


So are you with me? 

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Love xxx J