VS Angels Transformation: Week 1 Cleanse

Are you ready to meet the new You in a month from today? So here is our Week 1: The Week of Cleanse of our Angels Transformation.


VS Angels’ beauty is actually not even in naked bodies, cover them up and Angel is still and Angel. It is in their lightness – light body, light spirit, they are all this super happy and fit. To reach that we start with cleanse: in and out. Inside cleanse for our spirit, calmness and getting that space for new positive emotions. Outside cleanse for our new fit body, new food habits.


Inside Cleanse

Angels don’t stress, don’t run around, don’t panic. They smile. Not faking it, they just know that everything is fine and it will be better. The difference between the happy girl and the aggressive girl is ( I am not talking about times when you actually have real tragedy going on) attitude.  To reach that positive calm self I suggest we start with one simple thing, which I personally find essential not to get mad in this world, Myself Time. So this week’s task is to find 30-60 mins a day for yourself, listening to your inner self, your desires and talking to yourself. This I think is best reached through:

  • Yoga – I found this cool YouTube yoga-girl and her 30 Days Yoga challenge and it fits perfectly into our 4 Weeks schedule. Besides, when you actually follow anything daily, you are unlikely to skip it. It only takes 30 mins a day.
  • Mindfulness and good sleep – good sleep is not necessarily 8 hours sleep and mindfulness is not necessarily 5-hour meditation. Check out point 8 and 9 in my Feel Alive Again article.
  • ‘Myself time’ -whatever you enjoy, any activity, give yourself some time to do it! Reading, painting, walking, and sadly, even procrastination.
  • Smile more often to people and to yourself.



Outside Cleanse

The best way to start new food routine and to feel light and inspired – one week of cleansing. To achieve this, your Week 1 task is:

  • Drink minimum 2 litres of clean water per day;
  • Quit: Bread (anything alike; pizza, donuts,crisps – also here); Refined sugars (milk chocolate, candies etc.); Fizzy drinks;
  • Eat 4-5 times a day, small portions, do NOT skip breakfast. Make dinners lighter. Have smoothies for snacks/ dinner.

1 week is more than enough to incorporate these essential healthy habits. And if you are about to make some excuse or think ‘Oh, I cannot do that’, remember that if you want something NEW (like body, clean skin or yourself) you have to do something New.

As simple as that. No need for the crazy precise diet plan, no need for rush, no need for hours of workouts! Disappointed? Start with these steps and make sure to come back next Saturday for Week 2.


Subscribe and comment to let me know what you think and how’s your week going. What do you do for ‘Yourself time’ ?

Love xxx J