VS Angels Transformation: Week 2 Strength

Week 1 passed way too quickly and I hope you are doing well with our VS Angels Transformation.  Week 2 starts on Monday and it is a Week of..Strength!

By now you should be cleaner and calmer, feeling lighter physically and mentally. So it’s time to build on strength. Because strong is Sexy.

Nothing makes me happier than realising that times of ‘Skinny’ are a long time gone. We now want a strong core, fit abs and butts to be like peaches, not pancakes! And thank Lord for that.

So this week we will concentrate on continuing our inner cleanse, whether it is 15 min of Yoga challenge I told about in Week 1 post, or Mindfulness exercises, keep it going. Now let’s add some muscle training. If you do go to the gym, you are on the right track. If you don’t – the simplest and most enjoyable way of training at home I  think is by doing 15 min of HIIT sessions and finishing it with few exercises for abs, butt and arms. Here are some few exercises I like and I found VS recommending them. As for the HIIT – go to youtube and search which you prefer. My personal favourite is Lisa-Marie from The Body Rock TV and few videos from Joe ( The Body Coach).



As for the food, cleanse went well, so it’s time for more planning in our new diets. Follow this simple rules and you will get and keep fit forever:

Drink lots of water ( average person should drink 2-3 litres per day)

Eat good carbs and a lot of protein.

Have protein and light carbs for lunch (e.i. chicken breast and salad or any vegetables or lentils/ dark rice) and protein dinner ( e.i. fish and simple salad leaves; cottage cheese or just a protein shake)

Lindsay Ellingson for VS

That’s it.

This week I will post about most myths in training routine and my training routine as well as few delicious recipes for fit and strong body. Do not miss it! And check out now What to Eat to be Lean for life post I wrote some time ago, it may change your life.

Love xxx J