Zara Dupes for Luxury Brands

When you grow up, as a girl and fashion-lover, you start appreciating the quality and the name-power or the luxury brands. You now know why Chanel Classic Flap bag costs what it costs, and why ‘those 5 pounds flats from H&M’ are maybe not as cool as you used to think. So at some point, you clean your wardrobe and you change quantity for quality. But one brand that can be spotted worn everywhere, including fashion week among all other luxury pieces, and that everyone can confess having in their wardrobe – is Zara.



Zara’s secret is doubtfully amazing quality, which,fair enough, you shouldn’t really expect for those prices, or brand’s deep historical value, but its designs, which are sometimes even offensively similar to luxury brands,  and the fact that is is affordable. As well as the great promo. I remember years ago,as a student, seeing my coat in one of Gossip Girl’s episodes and,ah, I must admit I felt a bit special, even though half of the world was wearing that coat that year.

And this one actually has it’s own Instagram account 

In any case, Zara is no doubt loved by any girl, whether you are a student and you cannot afford to buy Saint Laurent, or you are a top financier and you just want to ‘buy, wear, forget with no regrets’ kind of thing for the season.

This year Fall collection is no different. And the moment I saw it I was laughing – Look at all those luxury brands hiding behind it! So here are few of my picks for this season – Zara Dupes for luxury brands.

Chanel pointed toe

So let’s start with this quite iconic Chanel shoes. I bet you have seen them all over Instagram this summer. Well, here they are, copied and affordable. Can you spot the difference? And from distance? On the picture? Really?

Zara version has different material and no Chanel branding.



Saint Laurent Over-the-Knee Boots

Or maybe you prefer these Saint Laurent Saint Laurent boots? Very trendy. Good job Zara, sadly not that much difference can be seen with bare eyes, except for the 855 GBP.


‘Miss Dior’Promenade Pouch  

These one, of course, are not entirely the same, and it would be illegal if they were. We should say it was inspired by Dior, and Zara added interchangeable shoulder straps, the style of which can also be found in  other this season’s luxury brands.










Insects from Valentino. 

And if you loved Valentino bugs but are not ready to pay all that, here is another Zara  item you may be willing to buy. Don’t forget matching boots. 






Going further, less known but not less lover No21 heels were also borrowed for inspiration and even, should I say, made more wearable? Oh Zara…how very thoughtful. And let’s not forget Zara’s version is leather, just like No21.




Balmain and Saint Laurant Coats 

Now let’s look for some nice warm coat. Maybe some Saint Laurant motifs?



Or do you like Zara even more?



Or are you still not over Balmaination? Zara  made something for you then.














These are not all the dupes you can actually fine, but these ones I liked the most as luxury items. Let’s leave it here! Which one is your favourite? Maybe it is not on my list. Share with me and do not forget to Subscribe!  (on the top right) as I do at least 5 posts a week now. Love xxx J.